One More Award

Awards are like a dipping sauce – they don’t improve whats being awarded, just make it appear and taste better. So why not make this sauce available for everyone?

Through the form of a ‘trophy-shaped sauce dispenser’, the award giving process is condensed and sped up, giving anyone the chance to reward themselves or be awarded. Challenging the apparent value associated with award-winning ‘things’, in a world where competition is rife and the Prettiest Poodle at the Dog Show, the Perfect Pilsner and the Designer of the Year all exist.

‘One More Trophy’ can be placed in any slightly competitive context. From the Annual Angling Awards to the implicit design school competition that we are dragged into. This last scenario is what this edition of ‘One More Trophy’ explores, taking prize-winning adjectives and nouns from design award jury statements to generate an endless stream of awards.  Much of the allure of awards is within their assumed unique prestige, but they are never one-offs. They are variations that will be given out time and time again.

Installation (2019)